Ann specialises in the treatment of all kinds of sports injuries. She has a Masters Degree in Sports Injuries, Sports Science and Physiotherapy. Ann has worked in professional football for Stoke City and with a wide range of athletes including: rugby, cycling, dancing, athletics, running, shooting, horse riding to name but a few! Ann has 22 years experience of working as a Physiotherapist, so you are in safe hands.

Sports injuries need to be treated quickly and appropriately in order to ensure a full and fast return to the sport/activity you love. Ann will assess the problem and develop an individual treatment plan to take you through your recovery and rehabilitation, guiding you back to full fitness and back to your sport.

what is prevention screening

Injury Prevention Screening is a full biomechanical assessment of the body's alignment, muscle length and strength, core stability strength and balance reactions.

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It doesn’t matter at what level you participate, what matters is keeping you going and doing the activity you enjoy. Ann is a keen tennis player, cyclist and was a rower so she understands the importance of keeping fit and taking part in sport.

how does it work

For example if you suffer from knee pain when running, which doesn't go away with rest, yet there is no history of injury, then this may be due to a biomechanical problem at your feet or a muscle imbalance around the knee or hip.

Long term back pain can also be a result of biomechanical problems - such as a leg length discrepancy or muscle imbalances around the spine.

Our screening would highlight these problems and provide you with solutions. Such as orthotics, footwear advice, stretching advice and how to tailor a gym routine specific to your individual needs eliminating ineffective and possibly damaging training.



Ann can treat:

The list is endless, please ring to discuss your issues with Ann and she will advice you on the treatments that will be best for you.

healing is a matter of time